Professional Basketball Career Comes to an End

After spending the last nine months practicing with the Everett Explosion, I got my first opportunity to suit up for a professional basketball game last Friday at the Tacoma Dome. I didn’t get an opportunity to play, but I was looking forward to our next game. Unfortunately, in practice on Monday, I caught an elbow to the face. It happened to land right on a nerve ending and caused the right side of my face to go numb. Since I couldn’t feel how bad it was, I kept playing, and later in practice I managed to catch a second elbow on the same side of the face. At this point I knew I was done for the night, but my face was still pretty numb, so I couldn’t tell if it was anything serious.

As I was getting ready to leave, a teammate noticed that my face was starting to swell up, and he encouraged me to get it checked out right away. So I headed to the emergency room at Evergreen Hospital. After a couple hours I finally got to see a doctor. Ironically, it was the same doctor that I saw last year after taking an elbow to the throat. We had a good laugh, and he ordered a CAT scan. After a couple more hours we got the results from the CAT scan, and it turned out that I have multiple fractures on the right side of my face, there is a small chance that I might have permanent nerve damage, and I am supposed to see a plastic surgeon in two weeks.

Though this type of an injury doesn’t require me to end my basketball career, it has made me revisit my priorities. I have a beautiful wife, a great job as a Program Manager at Microsoft, and an exciting new business venture with So I promised Dr. Webster that the next time I saw him it wouldn’t be for a basketball injury.

I have no hard feelings and no regrets. I gave the professional basketball thing a shot, but after my third trip to the ER in three years due to a head injury from playing competitive basketball, it is time to hang up my competitive basketball shoes. With the extra time I hope to spend more time with my wife, stay on top of work responsibilities, and help become a success.

World’s Largest Online Inventory…

We now have more than 60,000 cards listed for sale on the This is pretty signficant considering that every card features a high resolution scan of each side of the card. To our knowledge this is the largest online inventory of scanned cards available for purchase from one location. Some sites have larger inventories, but they rarely have a large number of cards that have been scanned. Usually their scans are not high enough quality to see the details of the card, and often they don’t even bother scanning the back side of the card.

If you know of a site that offers a larger inventory of cards with scanned images, we would like to hear about it.

If you would like to sell some of your cards online but don’t want the hassle involved with building and maintaining a website or packaging and shipping your cards, you should check out our consignment options.

Active Web Development

This last week has been a busy one for In addition to adding more cards to the site, we added the following features and bug fixes.

  • Improved preview popups for thumbnails
  • Shopping cart support even when javascript is disabled
  • New “Recently Added” RSS link to the search results page
  • Significantly improved page load performance
  • User friendly URLs for card details pages
  • Added backwards compatibility for old card details links
  • 2x zoomed image appear more smoothly
  • Improved search engine indexing for Yahoo and Google
  • Better error page notification so that we can track down bugs more easily
  • Search settings are remembered when using the browser forward/back
  • The View as List/View as Grid option no longer gets out of sync with the search page
  • Improved IE 6.0 compatibility (PNG graphics, search functionality)
  • Search results paging is no longer limited to only 10 pages

We are under active development, and you can expect to see changes and fixes pretty regularly. I hope you enjoy the updates!