The Season of Giving

Raising Funds for Charity
Earlier this year Cards_For_Alzheimers made its first donation to the Alzheimer’s Association.  Now we are expanding our charitable offerings by adding a generic Charity account. 100% of the sales from these accounts get donated to charity. You can help raise funds for charity by purchasing from either of them.

Donating Cards to Charity
DonateThanks to some volunteer efforts from Scott Bullock, ex-Microsoft developer, it is now easy for you do donate cards to Charity. Simply visit your Manage Inventory page and click the new donate button. This will transfer the card from your account to the Charity account. When the cards sell, 100% of the sale price will be donated to charity. 80% will be donated in your name and 20% will be donated in our name.

Basically what we are doing is agreeing to donate all of the fees we would have charged if you donate the funds you would have recieved from doing a cash-out after the sale. 80% of the sale price will be tax-deductible for you, and the normal fees will be tax-deductible for us.

This is a wonderful way to save on storage fees and help worthy causes.

To learn more about these accounts and about our charitable giving, check out our charity page which is now referenced on our site header.

Thank you for your support, and have a Happy New Year!

The Staff at