Industry Summit 2014 – Come See Us!

Hello COMC Nation!

Every March sees one of the most exciting times in the sports collectible hobby – no, not “March Madness” (even though that’s a lot of fun) – we’re talking about the Industry Summit!

We’ll be in Las Vegas from March 16th to 19th!  It will be four days where some of the biggest names in the sports card industry get together and discuss both the current state of the hobby and work together to determine its future.

We can't see our room from here, but we think it's pretty sweet.

We can’t see our room from here, but we think it’s pretty sweet.

Come See Us

Tim, Julia, Geoff, Steve, and Sam will be there!  You may even see us at the oyster bar in the Orleans Hotel.

Drop By Our Booth

Like last year, we’ll be taking submissions at our booth.  We’re accepting both Basic and Premium submissions.  The clock for Premium Submissions will begin ticking Thursday, 3/20 when we get back. By dropping cards with us, you’ll be able to save money on your shipping costs, as we’ll be transporting the cards back to Redmond for you.  Just a reminder, we ask that any submissions come without toploaders or cardsaver holders, and any screwdown or magnetic cases will be processed as Premium.  Make sure to prepare your submissions in advance of the Summit by using Submit Items on the Seller Menu on your dashboard.

Anyone with a store front who is interested in being one of our Drop-Off/Pick-Up/Kiosk Locations and drops off a business card will be entered into a raffle.

We’ll also have giveaways, so come see us!

New Drop-Off iPhone App

We’ll be demoing our new Drop-Off iPhone app!  This will make it easier than ever to submit your cards.

Hear From Tim Getsch, Founder & CEO

Tim will be giving a 15 minute talk the morning of Tuesday, March 18th (time TBD).

As in previous years, Tim will be available to chat with you. Just contact us at - we’ll set up as many appointments as time allows.

It’s going to be an amazing four days, and we hope to see you there!

This Is For Keeps

Hello all and happy Friday!  We wanted to have a little fun to sort of kick off this weekend with a poll and card collecting discussion.

With well over 10 million different cards on the market, there are more reasons to collect cards than could possibly be named.  Some of us collect whole sets of cards.  Some of us just one type of card.  Still others collect just one specific type of card!  Part of the joy is finding that special something that you enjoy hunting down and adding to your personal collection.

So, we at COMC were wondering; what style of collecting do you enjoy?  Please submit your answer on the poll below, and feel free to fill us in on the details in the Comments section.  Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Volunteers needed for card identification

For the members of our Identification department, asking them to be an authority on every set for every sport (or non-sport) ever made is impossible. There’s bound to be cards that fall through the cracks of even their seemingly endless supply of knowledge.

That’s why COMC is seeking folks who are willing to, on occasion, be contacted for their expertise. Whether it be oddball football cards from the 1950s, over-sized basketball cards, hard-to-find pre-WWII baseball cards, or especially non-sport cards, you likely have a niche we don’t.

If so, and you don’t mind being bothered from time to time, contact us with your user name and specific area of expertise and we’ll get in touch with you.

COMC would like to thank any potential volunteers in advance for your assistance!

Canadian collector launches site Eh!

Barry from London, Ontario worked together with my brother Toby to launch a new site that combines game data with sports cards. The site is cleaverly named

Here is a quick overview of the site’s concept.

ScoreboardEh is designed to highlight the day to day stars of the game and their cards. Each morning I’ll reveal the contents of one pack of cards. I’ll write about the cards I find and the players they feature. I’ll also write about the other cards of the same players that I have available in my ScoreboardEh store at

Here are a few of the cards for sale from ScoreboardEh.
2008-09 Collector's Choice Prime Reserve Gold #23 - Carey Price - Courtesy of 2006-07 Beehive Wood #19 - Sidney Crosby - Courtesy of
2007-08 Upper Deck MVP One on One Autographs #OAJW - Olli Jokinen Stephen Weiss - Courtesy of
2007-08 Upper Deck MVP One on One Autographs #OAJW - Olli Jokinen Stephen Weiss - Courtesy of

Counteroffers are Live!

I finally got an opportunity this weekend to polish off the counteroffer functionality and push it live. It was an immediate hit. This has nearly eliminated the rejected offers, and it seems to have increased the total number of offers. Maybe people aren’t as shy about making offers if they know that the offers can be countered?

Today there was a perfect example of your site enabling collectors to do what they love… haggling over prices.

GrahamsCards sent a $47.50 offer for 35 cards in my LowPriceCards account. The original asking price was right around $90. I countered by asking just under $70. GrahamsCards countered my proposal by offering $60. I countered again with a $65 proposal, and GrahamsCards accepted my proposal.

Here are a couple of the cards that were included in the transaction.
2007 SAGE National Convention National Heroes Jerseys #NH2 - Adrian Peterson - Courtesy of
2004 National Trading Card Day #PP6 - Eli Manning - Courtesy of 2007 Topps #287 - Brady Quinn RC (Rookie Card) - Courtesy of

To my knowledge, is the only site that allows buyers to make a single offer on multiple cards and let the buyer and seller haggle back and forth over the price. This was truly a beautify interaction to watch. This is only a small taste of the many innovations that will be bringing to the online sports card community in the near future.

New Record: 16 Sellers with 1 Purchase

On Thursday James from Fargo, ND set a record by placing one order that spanned 16 different sellers. He only had to pay $20 for shipping because we house all of the cards on the site and we do all the shipping at once.

Here are a couple of the cards that were purchased.
1993-94 Upper Deck Triple Double #TD2 - Michael Jordan - Courtesy of

1989 Donruss #33 - Ken Griffey Jr. RC (Rookie Card) - Courtesy of

More than 100,000 cards!

This morning we passed 100,000 total cards on the site. There are currently 57,418 different cards, and 100,203 total cards. Every single one has been scanned, front and back. To our knowledge, this is still the largest online inventory of sports cards that includes high quality images of every single card for sale.


Some of the recent additions include the following.

Nearly 2,000 more cards from SteveSC including the following cards.
1999 Topps Record Numbers Gold #RN4 - Barry Sanders/1000 - Courtesy of
1997-98 SkyBox Premium Autographics #32 - Vlade Divac - Courtesy of

Nearly 2,000 more cards from JamesCards including tons of 1970 Topps cards.
1970 Topps #410 - Boog Powell - Courtesy of

More than 1,000 cards from SPORTSCARDS4SALE including this Dennis Rodman autographed card.
2003-04 Ultimate Collection Signatures #RO - Dennis Rodman - Courtesy of

More than 500 cards from DavesCards including this Yogi Berra game used bat card that is numbered out of 100.
2002 Donruss Classics Legendary Lumberjacks #23 - Yogi Berra/100 - Courtesy of

56 more cards from wildpionther10 including this Barry Bonds rookie.
1986 Fleer Update #14 - Barry Bonds XRC (Rookie Card) - Courtesy of

35 cards from robert including some great Michael Jordan cards at amazing prices.
1993-94 SkyBox Premium Center Stage #CS1 - Michael Jordan - Courtesy of

198 more cards from bfarbman including many vintage cards from the 1950s.
1958 Topps #288 - Harmon Killebrew - Courtesy of

72 cards from mike25mound including this really nice Carl Yastrzemski autograph.
2000 Greats of the Game Autographs #89 - Maury Wills - Courtesy of

34 cards from scott11 including this nearly perfect Pete Rose.
1969 Topps #120 - Pete Rose - Courtesy of

100 cards from baseball31 including a bunch of 2006 Topps Football rookies.
2006 Topps #352 - Santonio Holmes RC (Rookie Card) - Courtesy of

15 cards, 7 sellers, only $5 shipping!

Today Leif from Louisiana placed a record setting order for us. He purchased from 7 different sellers across 4 different states. Because we house all of the cards for sale on our site, we were able to only charge $5 in shipping for the 15 cards ordered.

Try to order 2-3 cards from 7 different sellers on any other website and see how close you can get to $5 shipping. This is just one of the ways we are changing the game and making a more efficient, safer, and easier place to buy and sell sports cards.

Below are examples of a few cards that recently arrived from all across the US and were sold to a man in Louisiana.

1958 Topps #476 - Stan Musial AS TP - Courtesy of
bfarbman was the original owner of this 1958 Topps Stan Musial which arrived from Pennsylvania a little over a week ago. It has a book value of $50, and it sold for $45.

1998 Topps Clemente #18 - Roberto Clemente 1972 - Courtesy of
wildpionther10 was the original owner of this 1998 Topps Clemente reprint which arrived from Ohio on Friday. wildpionther10 set his asking price on Saturday, and the card sold on Sunday. This card has a book value of $8, and it sold for $5.

1991 Topps Archives 1953 #319 - Ted Williams - Courtesy of
DavesCards was the original owner of this 1991 Topps Archives Ted Williams which arrived from Everett, WA on Wednesday. DavesCards is a new member of our top 10 sellers featured on our home page. He set his asking asking price on Saturday, and the card sold on Sunday. It has a book value of $10, and it sold for $7.50.