A sign of success

One of the “selfish” reasons why I built this website was so that I could collect Orel Hershiser cards more easily.

Yesterday I acquired this Hershiser card.
2005 Absolute Memorabilia Tools of the Trade Autograph Jersey #159 - Orel Hershiser/1 - Courtesy of CheckOutMyCards.com

As the site continues to grow, I hope more collectors out there can find gems of their favorite players, just like I found here. It doesn’t get much better than a 1/1 signed jersey card of your favorite player.

This one is getting framed and going on the wall in my office. :-)

15 cards, 7 sellers, only $5 shipping!

Today Leif from Louisiana placed a record setting order for us. He purchased from 7 different sellers across 4 different states. Because we house all of the cards for sale on our site, we were able to only charge $5 in shipping for the 15 cards ordered.

Try to order 2-3 cards from 7 different sellers on any other website and see how close you can get to $5 shipping. This is just one of the ways we are changing the game and making a more efficient, safer, and easier place to buy and sell sports cards.

Below are examples of a few cards that recently arrived from all across the US and were sold to a man in Louisiana.

1958 Topps #476 - Stan Musial AS TP - Courtesy of CheckOutMyCards.com
bfarbman was the original owner of this 1958 Topps Stan Musial which arrived from Pennsylvania a little over a week ago. It has a book value of $50, and it sold for $45.

1998 Topps Clemente #18 - Roberto Clemente 1972 - Courtesy of CheckOutMyCards.com
wildpionther10 was the original owner of this 1998 Topps Clemente reprint which arrived from Ohio on Friday. wildpionther10 set his asking price on Saturday, and the card sold on Sunday. This card has a book value of $8, and it sold for $5.

1991 Topps Archives 1953 #319 - Ted Williams - Courtesy of CheckOutMyCards.com
DavesCards was the original owner of this 1991 Topps Archives Ted Williams which arrived from Everett, WA on Wednesday. DavesCards is a new member of our top 10 sellers featured on our home page. He set his asking asking price on Saturday, and the card sold on Sunday. It has a book value of $10, and it sold for $7.50.

Making waves at the NSCC with my little brother!

At the National Sports Collectors Convention we picked up some cards that are sure to be collector’s items.

Thanks to Upper Deck, we were able to obtain the following:
2007 Upper Deck National Sports Collectors Convention #1 - Tim Getsch/1 - Courtesy of CheckOutMyCards.com 2007 Upper Deck National Sports Collectors Convention #2 - Julia Getsch/1 - Courtesy of CheckOutMyCards.com 2007 Upper Deck National Sports Collectors Convention #3 - John Neumann/1 - Courtesy of CheckOutMyCards.com

It’s the COMC.com team!

In case you’re wondering, John Neumann is my little brother who joined our team for the week. I flew from Seattle to Minneapolis where Johnny lives, picked him up, and together we made the drive to Cleveland! His help was invaluable. If he lived closer we would recruit him!

In fact, while at the convention, he was recruited for and quoted in a Beckett article!

“I just want to collect cards,” said John Neumann. “I don’t care what sport or who the player is. I just want to add relevant cards to my collection, even if the cards are of Barry Bonds.”

As a buyer/seller on our site, you’ll be seeing more of Johnny.


More relevant than eBay, craigslist, and Beckett

I started writing this post thinking that we had reached a milestone by having people use our scans on ebay.

eBay Item number: 120150396189 Cal Ripken – Fleer 1988 Card #570
1988 Fleer #570 - Cal Ripken - Courtesy of CheckOutMyCards.com

However, the real milestone is that google has started ranking pages on our site as more relavant than similar matches on eBay, craigslist, and Beckett.com. I think that is pretty good company!

If you take the description of the eBay auction mentioned above, “Cal Ripken – Fleer 1988 Card #570″, and search google for it, you will find that the #1 & #2 hits are now our site. #3 & #4 are eBay, #6 is craigslist, and #9 is Beckett.
#1 on Google

This auction happens to be starting at $2.00 for a card you can buy from our site for $0.50.

Picked up by SportsCollectorsDaily.com

Wow, the folks over at SportsCollectorsDaily.com really stay on top of the industry. Within 48 hours of our article in the seattlest.com, they had pinged us and posted a nice summary of the article.

Start-Up Sports Card Site Op Knows Tech Side

Portland Card Show This Weekend!

Hey, Everyone!

On Friday we are going live with new features that will enable you (the public) to sell your cards on our site!

All day Saturday and Sunday we are going to be at the card show at the Jantzen Beach Super Center Shopping Mall in Portland, OR.

All you Portland people, come see us!

We look forward to meeting you!

The CheckOutMyCards.com Staff