The Season of Giving

Raising Funds for Charity
Earlier this year Cards_For_Alzheimers made its first donation to the Alzheimer’s Association.  Now we are expanding our charitable offerings by adding a generic Charity account. 100% of the sales from these accounts get donated to charity. You can help raise funds for charity by purchasing from either of them.

Donating Cards to Charity
DonateThanks to some volunteer efforts from Scott Bullock, ex-Microsoft developer, it is now easy for you do donate cards to Charity. Simply visit your Manage Inventory page and click the new donate button. This will transfer the card from your account to the Charity account. When the cards sell, 100% of the sale price will be donated to charity. 80% will be donated in your name and 20% will be donated in our name.

Basically what we are doing is agreeing to donate all of the fees we would have charged if you donate the funds you would have recieved from doing a cash-out after the sale. 80% of the sale price will be tax-deductible for you, and the normal fees will be tax-deductible for us.

This is a wonderful way to save on storage fees and help worthy causes.

To learn more about these accounts and about our charitable giving, check out our charity page which is now referenced on our site header.

Thank you for your support, and have a Happy New Year!

The Staff at

13 thoughts on “The Season of Giving

  1. Do the cards donated stay on the site, only they’re listed under a different account, and are the proceeds tax-deductible, and if so, is it when the cards are donated or the cards are sold?

    • Great questions. Yes, the cards stay on the site, but they are under a different account. The proceeds are tax-deductible once the cards sell. It is basically like selling the the cards, doing a cash-out, and donating the funds to charity. Only we are agreeing to donate the 20% cash-out fee to charity as well. So it is a double-win for charity.

      We looking into other options that might make it possible to make the donated cards tax-deductible at the time of donation, but this is what we have for now.

  2. What a wonderful way to help raise funds for charity …Thanx for the option to do so!

    Happy New Year to All and let’s be generous!!!

  3. This is awesome, I LOVE the idea! Thanks so much for doing this!

    You mentioned that Scott Bullock, ex-Microsoft developer worked on the system.

    How can I get involved in making COMC add new features that are cool? I am willing to help, I just have to know how to get started.

    • Currently we don’t have an easy way to plug in volunteer efforts for software development. All of our code is proprietary, and for legal and security reasons we have very limited access to it. I worked with Scott for 6+ years at Microsoft, and he is now one of our employees. The donation feature was something he built while getting familiar with our code base.

      If you have ideas for features you would like us to build. I am all ears. We expect to at least double our development effort on the site this year.

  4. Are we able to send in cards directly to the Charity account, without being charged the processing fees… or are the only cards able to be donated the ones that have already been assessed processing fees? Thanks!

    • We are considering an option to donate directly into the Charity account. We will probably need to get some volunteers to help process the cards, but that will not be an option until after our patent gets finalized. We are still a few months away from that.

  5. Ok so here are some of my ideas to make COMC better:

    1) Show a moving average price of each card, as well as in the Players section. Similar to a stock chart. Will be more fun to see the history of each card and also the players. There are lots of open source programs that allow you to add flash charts to your website.

    2) GIFT cards to users. If you know someone is a special fan of a player and you want to make their day, why not send them a card for free!

    3) Better management of inventory!!!!! Add a field that says: High price / Low Price of the current inventory on the site. So that we can quickly see how the other cards are priced. Then we can go in and see that the highest price for a card is 10 dollars and book value is 20, then the lowest price is 5 for the same card. So we can decide to go middle of the road at 7.50. This feature allows people to price cards faster, it is not meant to be similar to the amazon low price feature that is meant to drive down prices.

    I got way more ideas to enhance/improve but those are the ones that would be cool/helpful.

    Oh also, API!!!!!!! We need to be able to code custom apps to manage things like a COMC/eBay store integration, COM/Amazon

    This way we can increase the sales, make more money, and send more cards to COMC making it a giant hub for doing card business online.

    • Although it may not mean to drive down prices, 1) and 3) above will do just that. If it is easier to see what others are selling their cards for, it will be easier to undercut each other. It happens already, even with the accidental barriers in place that make it such an arduous process. Your other ideas are all awesome, however.

      • I agree there needs to be a careful line here with pricing and how to manage it. I just know the current system is broke for larger sellers. Unless you really feel like spending 5 hours a day pricing things in order to stay up to date with the ebs and flows of the market.

        For example, I price a M-vick RC at 100 dollars and then news comes out that he is dog fighting and his card value drops to 5 dollars because no one wants the players card anymore. So a seller with 50,000 cards listed (or even 10,000) can’t honestly be expected to keep up to date with 99.9% of his cards.

        There just needs to be an easier way to make sure your cards are not over OR under priced based on the markets demands. I want the people buying my cards to get a fair deal based on the current rate of that card.

        Another example:

        1 card in inventory, then you add your card to the site, making 2 cards total.
        The seller above you has it listed at 5 dollars for a 8 dollar BV card.
        You say hey, I will price this puppy at 5 dollars also.
        Now his sells (maybe they just like buying from a guy instead of a girl)
        Now you are the ONLY card on the site, so now you can possibly move your card up to 8 dollars if you feel it’s worth that.
        Now the pricing on this card has been re-set and is ready for the next card seller to put a card on here.

        So even if you get in a pricing war it’s going to re-start higher then before.

        Of course that is just an idea on how it COULD work, I just hear lots of people saying that the pricing will only lower the value of the cards, but no one talks about the possible upside of more cards being sold.


        Now after some more thought, if we had a “heat check” on a PLAYER (not a card) added to manage inventory, that would give us each a good idea of how to price our cards.

        So if you don’t know a sport to well (like me with hockey), with a quick glance I could see that this “Crosby guy” is a 99 and that some other guy is a 10 on the scale. Making it easier for me to sell more cards because I price my cards based on the players popularity instead of just what the BV says.

      • also it would be nice to be able to send cookie cutter messages to people when making offers and replying to offers.

        You select from a drop down:

        This is my final offer
        Can you do better on the price?

        Things like this =)

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