Bulk Price Editing (Beta)

I have been wanting to add this ability for a long time, and I am very happy to announce the first beta version of the CheckOutMyCards Price Editing tool.

This tool can be used to easily make thousands of price changes at a time, and it should help hundreds of our sellers save many hours or even days worth for time.

This tool leverages a lot of different client and server technologies, and we had to do a number of architectural, database improvements to be able to handle the volume of price changes that this tool can now generate.

While we are beta testing the tool, the tool can be used for free, but it won’t work on the 1st day the month. We are still working out the details of how we plan to charge for the the use of the tool.

Download Tool (login required)

System Requirements
– Windows XP or later
– Microsoft Office Access 2007 or the Access 2007 Runtime (Free Download)

How to Install
– If you do not have Access 2007 or are not sure if you do, download and install the Access 2007 runtime from Microsoft
– Download and install the CheckOutMyCards Price Editing tool (login required)

How to Use
– From the start menu or the desktop, click on the CheckOutMyCards Price Editing shortcut
CheckOutMyCards Price Editing shortcut
– This will bring up a login form for logging into your account on CheckOutMyCards.com
– It will then start downloading the items from your inventory
– You can then search your inventory for groups of cards that you would like to perform bulk operations upon
When I get more time I plan to make this more powerful and easier to use, but this is a functional start.
– Once you have selected the group of items you would like to perform a bulk price change to, you can select the type of bulk operation to perform
– Now you can review the pending price changes.
– You can click in the orange cells to manually edit any of the pending price changes.
– Finally, you can submit your price changes to the website.

Enjoy! Let us know if you hit any bugs or have any feature requests.

38 thoughts on “Bulk Price Editing (Beta)

  1. I have not been able to get passed the blue screen that comes up when the bulk price editing tool is started.
    I installed Access Runtime(even though i am running Microsoft Office 2007 and Access 2007. If I try to open the Bulkpricingedit.accdr from Microsoft access, I get an error message that Access cannot open the .accdr file with Access.
    Any ideas?

    • Does it open and immediately shut down? I released an updated version Thursday afternoon that didn’t use the Progress Bar control that is not installed on some machines. This may have fixed the issue. You can try downloading the tool and installing it again.

      Note: You can’t open up the ACCDR directly from Access 2007. You need to click the start menu or desktop shortcut.

      • Yeah, it’s opening and then closing immediately. I just re-downloaded the tool and still getting the same response. I tried this on both my laptop and my desktop with no luck. Hopefully it works soon, I’m biting at the bit to use this tool.

      • I just released a new version. If you are still having issues, uninstall the version you have installed and download the new version.

        The setup wizard for the new version says “CheckOutMyCards Price Editing v0.0505″ during the install. If you don’t see the “v0.0505″ you are not installing the latest version.

  2. Why would you charge us to use this? I’d think being able to do bulk pricing changes ourselves rather than bother the (already overstretched) staff to do them would be worth any development costs.

    I mean we are paying fees (that have increased) and this should be something that is covered by those fees. I don’t see much advertising being done by COMC to get us new buyers, so that $ has to go somewhere…

    • I assume you are referring to us removing the $0.10 budget service and adding a $0.15, 8 week guaranteed service. These funds are going directly towards us increasing our staff to try to keep up with the demand for our processing service.

      The bulk price editing tool is something that will save many people days worth of time. This is something that people might be willing to kick in a few bucks for. I have already invested more than a week of development effort into it, and I am sure there are a lot more features that you guys would like to see in it.

      The amount of further effort I can afford to invest in this tool will depend upon how much people are willing to pay for this tool or how much increased revenue it generates.

      If we do decide to charge for the use of this tool, it won’t be expensive, and it will be well worth the time that you will save.

  3. Just downloaded and seems to work fine for me, tried a small amount of cards for a test looks like it did what it was suppose to do.
    Excellent tool for anyone with a huge inventory!!
    Will try some more defined searches in the next few days, What a time saver$$

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  7. I’ll have to give this a try this weekend BUT without even loading it I already have a suggestion. Add a link to this SOMEWHERE, ANYWHERE on the site. Having to find a blog entry from months ago is very difficult.

    • Yep, I would like to make more improvements to the tool, but it has gotten enough beta-testing to be pretty solid. We will soon add a link to this blog post from the Manage Inventory page.

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  13. Really, you couldn’t find an online application instead of having to download & install, not to mention your alienating all the Mac users?

    • I wish it were as simple as “finding an online application”. CheckOutMyCards.com is custom built. There are no open-source or commercial platforms that offer the functionality that we need. So anything we build is developed inhouse.

      The current bulk price editing tool is built for the Microsoft Access runtime because it is the fastest development platform for little apps like this. It would probably take a month or more to build an equivalent app online, but it took only a few days to develop in Microsoft Access.

      That said, we will likely build some of the most common bulk price editing functionality into the site eventually.

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  15. Twitter says this tool has been improved but I come to this link and it looks like it always has…Is there an update? Does it need to be downloaded? I used the BPE yesterday and it looked and operated the same as it always has…any chance for a little more info than a tweet can afford?

    This tool was already great, but now I’m looking forward to the “improved” version…Thanks!

    • The improvements were not visual. The main issue that was improved was that if you wanted to update tens of thousands of prices, you would likely hit an error part way through the update process, and it would make you start all over from the beginning. Now it will gracefully handle intermittent errors and let you resubmit just the price changes that failed.

      If you never hit errors when submitting price changes, then you won’t notice a difference.

  16. So it looks like this is an ongoing thread from 2009…but the program looks good although Im sure most of us new guys may not have known about it…

    The one thing I would like to see added to both the program and our online listing information is the quantity of overall cards available (not just how many we have) so I can determine if a card is not available without going back and forth between windows…

    Also, I’ll stand on the soapbox again and ask what is the use of “% off” or “discount” if its not going to be posted on pre-1980′s cards? And what about having a “Bulk buying tool” within the text section with a simple box you can check off and add listings to your shopping cart in bulk?

    • We actually have some features in the works to address both the information about other cards on the site and the “bulk buying”.

      We don’t list the % off or discount for pre-1980 cards because their actual value is very condition sensitive. Not sure if that answers your question.

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  18. I’ve downloaded the program and gotten it to open up and load in my inventory, but it crashed and now won’t reopen. I get an error that says “11 — division by zero.”

    Any thoughts?

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