Active Web Development

This last week has been a busy one for In addition to adding more cards to the site, we added the following features and bug fixes.

  • Improved preview popups for thumbnails
  • Shopping cart support even when javascript is disabled
  • New “Recently Added” RSS link to the search results page
  • Significantly improved page load performance
  • User friendly URLs for card details pages
  • Added backwards compatibility for old card details links
  • 2x zoomed image appear more smoothly
  • Improved search engine indexing for Yahoo and Google
  • Better error page notification so that we can track down bugs more easily
  • Search settings are remembered when using the browser forward/back
  • The View as List/View as Grid option no longer gets out of sync with the search page
  • Improved IE 6.0 compatibility (PNG graphics, search functionality)
  • Search results paging is no longer limited to only 10 pages

If you encounter any bugs or have any feature suggestions, please send mail to

We are under active development, and you can expect to see changes and fixes pretty regularly. I hope you enjoy the updates!

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